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Karen Bienz

Greetings Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Republicans:

Thank you for visiting us here.  I hope that you will utilize this website to educate yourself on the workings, philosophy and events of the Albany County Republican Party!  To that end, please be sure to visit the Party Docs page to read our 2016 County Convention approved By-laws, Platforms and Resolutions.  Also, take a look at the Calendar page to add upcoming events to your personal schedule. Finally, be sure to pull down the tab for E-mail so you will receive our E-news letter (please add so it won’t go to your junk box).

The first part of 2016 has been very busy and very successful with engaging the Republican voters of Albany County.  We kicked off the year with a mass mailing to more than 5500 registered Republic Voters in Albany County describing the dates, location and agenda for our Precinct Caucuses and County Convention.  Precint Caucuses had a record turnout of voters from across the county!  As a result we had a full contingent of delegates selected that evening for County Convention.  Folks participated at Caucus to discuss the Party Documents.  It was an excellent opportunity to hear from neighbors and debate the important issues facing our state and nation.  County Convention, held on March 12th also yielded a full slate of Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention.  Those representatives attended State Convention on April 16th and some spent the two days prior in committee meetings to again review the Party Documents.

State Convention attendees were able to hear all TEN, US House Candidates speak as well as visit with those candidates at their information tables during the 3 days of Convention.  In addition, Senator Ted Cruz, came to address the Convention on his campaign trail, as well as representatives from the campaigns for Kasich and Trump. 

As the Presidential run off draws to a conclusion, we will begin focusing on State and Local elections for our Primary in August.  There are many offices to consider: US House Candidate, State Legislators in both houses, County Commissioner and the list goes on.  If you are interested in running for an office as a Republican or have filed please contact us as we hope to schedule more “meet the candidate” events as summer continues.

Please plan to make it to the polls for the Primary on August 16th, or visit to request an absentee ballot.

I look forward to seeing you soon at an ACRP meeting or social event.

Karen Bienz

Chair, ACRP